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Post Treatment Kit

Post Treatment Kit
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A crucial companion to our professional treatments with products tailored towards nurturing your renewed skin, this kit is a requisite for every patient. Designed specifically to restore, enhance and protect, our regimen optimizes and maintains results, ensuring healthy skin at it fullest potential post-treatment. 

Each Kit Includes

    • Delicate Cleansing Cream to purify your sensitive skin without over-drying 
    • Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex to soften and enhance distressed skin as it nurtures healthy cells 
    • Post Treatment Balm to calm and quiet inflammation and soothe as it protects sensitive skin 
    • Youth Protection SPF 30 to elegantly protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, ensuring optimal results 


    • Delicate Cleansing Cream 2 OZ/56.7 g  
    • Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex 0.5 OZ/14.2 g 
    • Post Treatment Balm 1 OZ/28.4 g 
    • Youth Protection SPF 30 1 OZ/28.3 g 


Please refer to individual product information sheets for additional details, ingredients and directions. 

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