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Doug Bourne



 Doug Bourne is a long time Lake Tahoe Resident and business owner. 

When Doug and Valorie first opened the salon, his plan was to just be a business partner, not a hair stylist.

As time went on, however, Doug got the bug to be more than just an administrator. It all started one night after work when Valorie and Doug were closing the salon and Valorie asked Doug if he would be comfortable enough with the tricky hoses on the shampoo bowl to wash her hair.

As Doug had seen her do it a million times, he successfully washed her hair, and wrapped a warm towel around her head as he had seen her do with all her clients. He led her back to the chair where he put in products and did a round brush blow out. Valorie was so comfortable with how well he was doing with her, she completely forgot that this was his first time giving a salon to service to someone. For Doug, it felt so natural. This resulted in a conversation on how he needed to become a stylist.


dougcutsThe next day, he phoned a beauty academy and enrolled. While his very first day was April 1st, this new venture was no joke, but actually the start of a passion Doug didn’t know he had. The passion hasn’t stopped and everyday Doug assists his clients with all their cosmetology needs, from hair to skin care to shellac pedicures. He truly loves working with his clients and seeing the joy in their face when they see the finished product.

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