Longtime local hair designer and colorist Valorie Suzan Hazley envisioned a place where people could come and reinvent themselves. Empowering Men and Women to look and feel as good as they can.  She and her staff offer a full range of services, including hair, skin and makeup, as well as product demonstrations at Tahoe’s first Beauty Bar. Whether you’re looking for a haircut, facial or sun-screen, V’z Image Option’z can provide it in a relaxing environment.

Pronounced “V’zzzz“, V’z Image Option’z is utilizing and selling top beauty products available on the market along with providing a free consultation at the time of service or sale. They are also one of the only Tahoe salons that hosts free skincare and makeup education sessions for their customers.

V’z Image Option’z has an exclusive offer from DermaQuest to sell their Skin Care products online. Valorie believes that this will provide easy and convenient shopping for her clients, as well as an interactive and knowledge sharing experience through the ability to evaluate and leave a personal review for every DermaQuest product. Let’s spread the word about DermaQuest Skin Care benefits.