Hair Loss Breakthrough

On November 10, 2019, Doug and Valorie from V’z Image Option’z attended a mind-bending certification class on BIOREPAIR-8 by ColorProof with it’s aggressive solution to hair loss.

We go along in life and everything seems to work itself out just the way it was meant to. Then at a certain age — and it is different for everyone — we find that “mind over matter” no longer exists.

HAIR LOSS can’t think it’s way back into existence. HAIR LOSS can be the most devastating thing in a person’s life. It does not discriminate between genders. Women now live in the same stressful world that not so long ago mostly men had to deal with.

There are many reasons for hair loss. One is a trend, that for the last seven years that (I’m embarrassed to admit) hairdressers were telling their customers to not wash their hair every day. It hit me hard when a longtime customer’s dermatologist told her the scalp needs to be washed or stimulated every day. Dermatologists and hair stylists are now having to re-educate patrons to wash their hair more often.

Simply changing your shampoo schedule is not going to correct the problem alone, however.

ColorProof, Jim Markham’s innovative company, is always looking for the best and safest solution to all hair and scalp issues, using advanced skin care technology (which by the way does work). What makes BIOREPAIR-8 different is you do not have to continue using it once you have reached a level of thickness that you’re comfortable with.

Please schedule a consultation and try before you buy.

Doug and Valorie – Certified Hair Loss Advisers

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